About the photographer

Wayne Dion has been a self-employed commercial and aerial photographer / videographer since starting his business a couple of years out of college. After receiving a B.A. in studio art, he turned in his artistic tools of the trade for cameras and lighting. Creative gratification comes a lot faster with these tools as well as giving more time to do them. Obsessed would be the proper description of his love of image making. Even after decades of shooting everything from tabletop products to power plants and light rail train systems, Dion still can’t wait for the shoot to start. Vacations are always photography focused. Sunrise to sunset, day after day while on vacation, is the norm. He usually rests once back home.

Wayne took his first helicopter ride while a junior in college. He was part of a production crew of students and teachers who were filming television commercials for the Massachusetts State College System. The production crew, mostly students, ended up with 24 broadcast commercials that ran for months on local TV stations.

The Massachusetts National Guard provided the helicopter because the governor at the time, Edward J. King, was the star of the commercials. It was a leftover Vietnam War era chopper with the big doors that opened up to the outside world. There doors were open as we flew. It was at that moment I realized this was the platform to shoot from for him.

Although he has been producing aerial images for decades, in 2009 the venture was finally given a name and BostonAerial.com was put online.